Faithful One

Faithful One

I find no hope within to call my own

For I am frail of heart, my strength is gone

But deep within is rising up a song

Here in the comfort of the faithful one

Lyrics of the songs by Selah seem to cut straight through to the matter, deep down into the roots of my lifetime’s journey to find peace. And it is true, when I focus completely on Christ and God’s Love Letter to us – his explanation of how it was all laid out, how humans got in the way because he gave us free will, we choose to follow him or to walk our own path, this love is not forced… how he sent us a solution in his one and only son Jesus, how in fully embracing and believing in his son we have unwarranted, undeserved full love and grace and mercy, no matter what is in our past and present and it is a continuing gift throughout our lives through to the end, and this gift is given not by any of our own actions but by his love… then, when my consciousness takes this in and is fully aware and alert to this truth, then … yes, only then- it seems the full breath of life fills my lungs and brings me calm.

Seeking belonging in others, in society, in social living, in work and even in play- only leads me to loneliness and disappointment. In my strengthening through Christ, it is now a matter of setting my feet on the path confidently towards delivering  his sweet sense of belonging and purpose to others – and not merely seeking to find it for myself. For me, when I need that refreshment and reassurance, I must sit quietly as Christ did on that fateful night, and I will seek God’s presence, seek His gentleness, his love, his nourishment for my soul. Because in this action, He is faithful. All the heartbreak on this planet has taught me that when I seek Him with my whole heart, soul and everything that I am – well then, and only then, does the peace come. And then, the true guidance that brings clarity to all that I need to focus on. And, blessings follow.
Thank you Selah for your album: God Bless The Broken Road. This album has been on the top of my list for about ten years- since it came out. And, sometimes, it sits unheard- but, now- it is brought out once again- a reminder of the most important thing in the world- Christ and his love and his friendship. Praise God for your gifts, his guidance in your lives and for my discovery of your music. And most of all, for God taking away the veil which prevented me from seeing clearly who He is and who I am – his daughter. He knew me before time. He is with me always and he does not leave me nor forsake me. The arms raised in praise in worship centers – waiving in the air, are waiving and reaching for his pure love and thanking Him for they too had the veil lifted.

Amazing Grace. How Sweet The Sound. That Saved A Wretch Like Me. I Once Was Lost. But Now I Am Found. Was Blind. But Now. I See.

I didn’t go to church on Sunday because I still struggle with the organized church ..but it will come. This barrier will break down and I will find my way into fellowship because I know that fellowship is important and the path to this fellowship lies in my healing, my getting myself out of myself, and my focus shifting completely to Christ. Yesterday, I watched In Touch with Charles Stanley on TV. The sermon couldn’t have been more suited. God knows what we need.. and boy did he deliver yesterday. Pastor Charles comes out and his first question to the congregation is; Do You Love God? Of course a church full of believers would nod and bob their heads and a few would call out “Hallelujah and Amen” …and he goes on, of course you would say that and you might think you mean it. His sermon in twenty minutes brings to life the truth of the matter- and that is that needing God is not loving God, Fearing (having reverence) God is not Loving God. Serving God is not loving God. It does not mean that all these things can’t come out of loving God but in and of themselves they are not an indicator of loving God.

Matthew 22:37 describes what loving God means. And I wrap myself in this scripture and thank God for talking to me. For showing me his faithfulness.

Later that night, I open Jesus Calling, my current daily devotional. And, I find that August 31st addresses my weakness- his gift to me is my weakness. That in my weakness he will strengthen me as I bring my focus fully to Him. And in this, I breath a sigh. Yes.

This Jesus Calling devotion on August 31st – gives me some scriptures.

Proverbs 3:5

Isaiah 40:31

And I call out to God- thank you. Thank you so much- for speaking to me today. For reaching through your servants to quell my trembling, for giving me hope- for reminding me who I am. And reinforcing to me who you are: Faithful One.

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