Medical Memoir




Arthroscopy – left knee- ski accident


Cryosurgery/HPV – pre-cancer cells cervix


Conization/HPV – pre-cancer cells cervix


Laparoscopy/test for endometriosis

2004/Minnesota – positive

Chemical Induced Menopause/treat endometriosis


Hysterectomy and Left Oophorectomy/

2005/Minnesota – end chemical menopause

Corneal Crosslinking/Clinical Trial for Corneal Ectasia – both eyes (due to Lasik)

2014/December & 2015/May – Minnesota


Chronic cough, yearly bronchitis and sinus infections for last 4 years.. Often lasts for weeks if not months. Sick at least yearly with lung infections. This last round- started August 2- not resolved. Constant tickle, frequent shortness of breath, chest pain and pressure, frequent heartburn, nausea, fatigue, voice change, hindered- unable to clear throat. Google. Results: women with HPV history and above symptoms- should be concerned about throat cancer. Last couple of months, 3 visits to doc- “it’s not serious, here is a pill”; “it’s not serious, here is another pill”; “it’s not serious- here is an inhaler”.  Give it another 2 months- and then we will move forward to further tests- scan of lungs. In the meantime, time passes. Don’t want to be paranoid. Don’t want to be a hypochondriac. But what if?  I read if caught early- survival rate is 90%.
I have additional insurance – and have had this supplement for cancer for years. The reason is that my family history shows a few deaths by cancer. Both sides of the family.
Paternal grandmother- breast cancer

Maternal grandfather- sinus and brain cancer

Maternal grandfather’s siblings: several died of some form of cancer/1 leukemia, 2 lung cancer.
Parents have both had skin cancers – fortunately caught early.
This could be bronchitis. This could just be bronchitis. My office has a few other fellow coughers and I hear from friends around that this has been a strange summer with one couple both suffering bronchitis for several months now. High pollen count. I am allergic to ragweed, birch trees, dust. Clean my environment. Use the ionizer in my room. Dust more often, thoroughly clean carpet. Eliminate nick knacks that collect dust. And try to just breath. Of course, that is my issue- it’s hard to breath. When I take a breath in- I have the urge to cough and gag.
How are you feeling these days? Are you better?
I nod- yes, doing good. Don’t want to seem like a chronically ill person that walks round with this dingy cloud of muck. And yet, I don’t feel good. Have not felt really good in a very long time.
Better nutrition. Better choices. Walk.  Move my body. Exercise.
Is it weird that even though I do not have cancer, not diagnosed anyway- that I went to a bookstore recently and headed for the health aisle?    I browsed through various books and found the cancer shelf. Within that shelf is a whole host of books on beating cancer with positivity, with good nutrition. And then, I find this strange title. Crazy Sexy Cancer – by Kris Carr. There are a few actually- variations of this book (tips/journal/different editions). And I pick one up. And as I thumb through it- things pop out at me about this journey called life and taking control and beating the odds. And suddenly, I want to buy this book. Not because I have cancer because I don’t. But because this woman has written this wonderful book that helps motivate others to live life to their fullest regardless of the circumstances- and that is uplifting. So I buy this book and last night, I am reading some of the pages and exercise prompts and suggestions and I feel good. And I commit to using this book as a jumping off point for reflection and dream creation. And then things seem brighter, better – less dank and dreary. And that is good. It works for now. And I will keep using that inhaler for another 4 puffs daily (2 in the morning and 2 at night) – for another 14 days. I will pay attention to symptoms but I will not freak out and get too far ahead of myself.


It will all be just fine.

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