Sugar is my enemy

Today is the first day of my new program.  Yes, you heard it. Another program!  While I had been attempting to resist the New Year’s Resolution Promises this year, the truth is that the bothersome symptoms of the past few years and the ever present list of groans I render on many journal pages suggests that absolutely- something must change.    Recently, on a Facebook newsfeed scroll when I was attempting to catch up on all those vitally important posts I had missed, I came across this advert for a solution to the fatigue, aches and pains, congestion and weight gain dilemma.  They are rampant on Facebook, these ads that lure you to click as they hope that you will succumb to buying their prescribed methods of health salvation.   This time, I did click.  There was something about this particular ad that had me interested.  In hindsight, I am not sure exactly what that point of draw was, but nevertheless, there I was watching the video.   After about twenty seconds, I was waiting to receive that sudden stop in the feed of information which sometimes occurs, you know, the time that they stop the production to let you know that for only $29.99 you too can get this information in the form of a book, or subscription or some other formulaic fashion.  But this time, that did not happen.  The doctor providing the information kept on presenting his news and he was doing this with this artist’s hand, a sharpie and a blank page which he kept filling with cartoon renderings of the sum situation most face with their bodies these days, overweight, overtired, overwhelmed and guilt ridden.    This doctor was suggesting it was not my fault, and that there were four things I should avoid and only one thing I should do to regain my gut health.     I was intrigued.  And, I kept watching and listening to his presentation.  The long and short of it is that I need to avoid sugar in all its forms, white flour (it turns into sugar), alcohol (it turns into sugar), and coffee (only because of the sugar most add); and then, I must add a good probiotic.   This has to do with good bacteria and bad bacteria in my gut.   Bad bacteria multiply exponentially when exposed to sugar.  My gut health needs to be 80% Good Bacteria and only 20% Bad Bacteria.   Generally speaking, people with illnesses related to the gut have that percentage flipped upside down.

For the probiotic, it cannot be just any probiotic, the doc suggests I buy their probiotic.  Fortunately, the doc shared a couple of important criteria on the probiotics that work vs. the ones that do little good.   First, my probiotic must have at least 15 billion CFU (colony forming unit) and that also has a minimum of 5-7 strains of good bacteria.  It has to do with restoring gut health.  This information is well received; I had purchased a great probiotic about a month ago, still in the refrigerator because it is a RAW probiotic from the health food store and it contains 85 billion CFU and 39 strains.   At the conclusion of the video, the doctor suggests that he and a partner have created the best probiotic on the market and for a low introductory offer, purchase within 24 hours, click here and you can have this amazing probiotic for only $39.99 – normally it costs $69.99 for a one month supply.  Yea, no.  Not for me, I have my probiotic and I am just fine with it, and it costs $36.99 a month and that is about the topper of my budget on probiotics.   Having spent thousands of dollars on weight loss and health over the years, I am weary of anyone suggesting they want my money so that I can be thin and healthy.   I am grateful he gave me the information without charging me for it and surmise that enough people will click and buy.  So, I sign off.


And, I begin my planning.   No white flour.  Only 100% whole grains.   100% free of white flour. Time to do some google searching, and I find a plethora of sites that address the white flour elimination strategy, and how to replace with a diet that consists of 100% whole grains.   I need a better idea of what that means, what exactly is a whole grain?   I know that white flour is wheat that has not been stripped of its nutrition.  A few sites point me in new directions.    Ezekiel products are good.  I can enjoy the Wasa Crispbreads that I normally enjoy except make sure they are sourdough rye versions.   Bring whole grains into my life- in the form of whole wheat (make sure it is 100% whole wheat), brown rice, barley, amaranth, buckwheat, rye, quinoa, oats, wild rice, teff and millet.  Ok.  That sounds easy enough.  It’s not like they are not giving me some choices.  And, while the white flour is more delicious to my tongue these days, perhaps my taste buds will in time rejoice at a spoonful of buckwheat.    These days, there are tons of resources and on-line recipes to get me started.   The part of me that is very serious about this is the part of me that has been suffering for years with sinus infections, yeast infections, fatigue and weight gain.  And, not just the weight gain but a body that feels bloated and cramping and uncomfortable most days.   So, this is not just about working towards being a bikini babe, which by the way is not my goal.  But, working towards a life of health and energy that will take me through the next fifty years in a more vibrant and vital way.   I want to feel good.  Bottom line.   And, I want to understand why I have been uncomfortable and dissatisfied with life.   So, here I go.


This morning, I prepared some foods for work- celery, apple, Greek Yogurt; for lunch, I pack some Ham and Muenster Cheese.  To this, I decide that I will stop at the co-op near my workplace to pick up some items – just a few to get me started.   I take my probiotic before I head out the door.   At Lakewinds, I find and purchase a box of Ezekiel 4:9 Almond Sprouted Grain Crunchy Cereal to sprinkle over my Greek yogurt for breakfast.  I also pick up a loaf of Dave’s Killer Bread which is organic and contains 21 Who Grains and Seeds- yum?  Not sure yet, but willing to try it.   And, I also buy one box (or perhaps best described as a sleeve) of Wasa Sourdough Rye Crispbread.    This will go nice with my ham and cheese.  I will bring these home tonight to have on hand.    I will be packing lunches this week.   I am committed to packing my lunch each day – this will help me control my ingredients and help my wallet.   Bonus.


So, it’s not New Year’s yet- so this feels good, it’s not a decision I am making just to have something to declare at midnight at the end of this year.  Instead, I look forward to my Constant Comment spice tea later on- avoid the coffee because I know the doc was right, I am not a black coffee drinker, mine generally must have the cream and the sugar.   So, avoiding things that trigger a need for supplemental sweet, is best.  I will take this new health plan one step at a time and hope that by my 50th birthday in April, I will be on a track towards health.  No huge goals set for now.  I am not dangling a number that I must lose on the scale.   My goal is health, energy and avoiding those bothersome infections.    Wish me luck!



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