Visionary Creative

What a rush. This feeling that swept through me last night as I retreated from the library’s meeting room and headed for my car. It felt as if I had been infused with the best kind of oxygen on the planet. I was floating.  
There have been meet-ups in the past, but none that compared to this simple evening of conversation centered around creativity. It was a short meeting; well, short in the sense that we only had an hour and a half. We were a mix of fourteen souls sitting around a large square table introducing themselves with the goal of sharing their creative outlet and identifying one of the dozen or more paintings on two walls that framed us into the corner of the library. Identifying one painting among these which drew us in or spoke to us and why, was our wrap up share moment for each one of us, a way to pass the baton to the person to our right. Some folks shared longer than others, and that was fine. I sensed no impatience. Each person was able to express where they were at creatively; whether painting, drawing, learning a musical instrument, singing, music therapy for others, writing, or even something as simple as lettering. All of these forms of creative outlet were honored. And it truly felt like all souls were focused and attentive to each person’s share. And learning. At the end of the introductions which took up more than half our time, we focused on the topic of Creative Rededication. How and in what ways could we creatively rededicate ourselves, and did members of the group find themselves annually or regularly rededicating themselves. The dialogue began and people shared moments of discovery and offered ideas on how to begin the process of regularly rededicating to a form of creativity.
This meet-up follows a book called The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron; a book that helps creative people focus on tapping their creative self. It’s meant to be a twelve week journey. This meet up is a simplification, offering a once a month check-in and using the book as a launch for good discussions. A source of fuel for moving into a place of creativity. And, I just loved it. After this first session, I dedicate myself to being a part of this group which has been meeting for five years now; led by two women who are coaches for creative expression and healing.    
The group met my needs last night because the souls gathered, each one, resonated with my own inner longings for honoring my creative side in both fiber and in written word. My desire to make that part of my life more dominant and for reaching a place where my life can honor this need. Now, I dip into the creative before work and after work. I need to find ways to layer my creative self into my work life more- allowing that part of my life to be more satisfying as well.  
One of the discussion threads last night was about having a word for the year. I had never come across this concept before, but many voices sprung up in the discussion vocalizing their chosen words for past years. Trust. Joy. Open. A word chosen as a focus for the year, a meditation in a way, a direction and a permission to learn and grow from that one word. Evidently there are workshops on this topic, websites and coaches that can help people find their word. One only needs to browse the web with the search: Word 2016 – and one can find many results on how to approach “The Word”. Sounded intriguing and I will be exploring that idea as well. One person in the group shared that she had found her word for the year: me. For her circle of friends and family, they would know that this word was important because her modus operandi is generally focused on everything for other. So this year, she needs to listen to what she needs. She wants to try to prioritize her desires and goals and allow herself permission to focus on her self, in all its layers.
What is my word this year? The answer to that question is a project in the coming days.
I signed up for a workshop this weekend: Vision Mapping. Taught by one of the leaders in the meet-up last night. A way to shape my year into what my deeper self needs me to learn, do and grow. Should be fun and informative.
2016: A Year to Tap The Creative in Me. Honoring my deepest self so that I can better in and for the world.   

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