A Globe-Trekker’s Offering 

It’s been over two months since my last entry on WordPress. Two months. A strange void lingers behind me. I consider looking back over my shoulder to ponder the “why” of the silence. I got nothing. It does not really feel like its been avoidance. More like exhaustion.  

It’s winter season. And during this time, in my line of work, the influx of inquiries would primarily seem to be beach bound sun seekers. And, yes. I have had my share of those. But for me, the exhaustion comes in doing what I do best: Europe with a little Asia thrown in for good measure. Just now wrapping up a family trip to Southeast Asia for parents and their sixteen year old child; their spring break will be filled with the Temples of Angkor Wat, the tunnels of Ho Chi Minh and a breathtaking overnight cruise in Halong Bay. An amazing trip in 8 short days. Lifetime moments and family memories will be hatched.
I love creating these adventures for people to enjoy and revel in as they explore the Globe. I really do. It’s the break neck speed within which I have to research, design and develop the flow and pace and services within budgets that has me catching my breath at every turn. In one day, yesterday is a good example, I brought people to the Fairy Pools in the Highlands of Scotland, to a resort in Austria where an avid equestrian client will have a chance to ride Lippizaner Horses in Austria, a solo-journey to Antarctica, South Georgia Island & The Falkland Islands- a cruise expedition for a widowed lady with a healthy bank account who is running through her bucket list at a fast pace and then rounded that out with discussions with prospective clients on how they can manage to fit in a kayaking  excursion through narrow inlets of the Sognefjord in Norway while also checking out Check Point Charlie in Berlin … before heading home. Whew.
It’s no wonder that my mind can’t stay quiet and that I awake typically around 3am. No more shut eye, I surrender.   
This morning, I woke up at about 3:25am and instead of fighting it, I turned on the light and started my day. Pulled out some writing journals and then made the mistake of turning on the TV. Some surfing brought me to an On Demand title I had been considering for awhile and had meant to watch long ago: Money Monster with Julia Roberts & George Clooney. So, I closed the writing journal, sat back on bunched up pillows against my headboard, swished my dog’s furry belly with my nails – she loves that lingering gentle scratch, and watched. What a movie. I was not expecting most of it; in fact, I had predicted the typical hostage type of movie and found myself wronged. It was pretty good. That took care of about two hours and then made my way to the shower to officially start my day.  
I thought of going in early. I have a client appointment at 10:30am for a couple heading to Germany to visit their son who is based there; on their way they are stopping in Amsterdam- planning to visit Anne Frank’s House and the Van Gogh Museum, then after their time with their son which includes a trip to Greece, I pick up their schedule again in Frankfurt and bring them to Paris & London where they have so many highlights scheduled to enjoy together- first timers to: the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum with Mona Lisa’s gentle and wry smile, Versailles Palace and then over to London via Eurostar to experience Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and then off to Bath & Stonehenge before heading home. I need to go in early because I want to provide those little tips I so enjoy sharing- like the best hot chocolate and pastry shop in Paris! And there is that incredible restaurant on the Left Bank- the one that has been in business for about two centuries and which served people like Napoleon, Robespierre and even Ben Franklin! Conversations that changed history took place there- in that restaurant that still serves the most amazing hearty stew and roasts. I have to tell them about that place- maybe make a reservation for them too! Or how about that Afternoon Tea in London I need to share with them… a few things to prepare for their visit, for sure. And I have to get that done quick, in time for their visit while still making time to invoice bookings for other clients and create final documents for others – some heading to Mexico’s Mayan Riviera, others to Hawaii and still others- to Ireland & London. Still, whew.  
No time for lunch. No time for sleep. It’s busy season.

It’s what I do best.

So, does the writing stay on hold? Do I have time to dabble in this craft that draws me, pulls me and twists me into a wretched woman who often feels dissatisfied because she can’t do what she loves best. Not necessarily what she does best.
It’s a quandary. And I keep bobbing and swaying to and fro, twisting and reaching and tumbling along. And not really accomplishing anything except to know that I am still enchanted by the written word… and hope one day to come to a stop, to a place where I can breath- perhaps some fresh air, while I stand on a cliff and watch the birds sore overhead.
Maybe, one day- in my Globe-Trek adventures, I will find myself paused in such a way to offer respite from the daily work and perhaps then, I can unfold what’s inside and offer it to myself and others in a more intentional way. One. Day

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