A Recurring Theme

It reassures me to know that others have walked the same path and that there are folks out there who didn’t get their real start until later in life.   In the past few months, I have encountered various souls on the page that have communicated a start to things that didn’t really get on track until middle age.  This brings me hope.  This is my fiftieth year on the planet and while I have filled many a journal with the words- this time it will be different, this time I am serious, this time I will be diligent, dedicated and disciplined- inevitably, I falter and then time lapses, and the next thing you know it is months later or even years later, and I have to pick up the pen again or open the blog again and find myself commenting that once again, a new page, a new journal – a new attempt at writing.   So, this weekend was once again, that moment.  Why is it that I have bursts of passion then … fizzle?  It’s not really a matter of avoiding writing or procrastination, it’s more a result of distraction and an over scheduled life.  Priorities must be managed.  And writing is a big priority for me, or at least in my deepest core it feels like it should be.

I am making a new start and this time, I will not fizzle.  With the new commitment tied to the book by Susan M. Tiberghien and the revived writing group with Angela, I will press on and make time each day for the daily pages.  Is it realistic to schedule it in the mornings?  I already rise at 5:45am or so, I am fairly certain an attempt to get up earlier will fail   And, there are other tasks daily (or at least several times a week) that I must fit in- exercise and good eating is one.  So, the solution is that I really must chart this out- make a plan, a daily contract.   First thing in the morning I speak to God, I listen to God, I meditate on God- a relationship building new habit that I absolutely must prioritize.   Take care of Sofie’s needs- then, get ready for work and head in.    Usually, I leave for work by around 6:50am and I get there around 7:20am- a full hour before I am technically supposed to be there.   So- daily pages can fit from 7:30am until 8:25am on the third floor with a coffee thermos and breakfast (microwave on site).  It’s quiet up there- no on else to bother me.    Then, work my morning hours at my day job.  Lunch break:  3 times a week go for  a walk… at least a half hour.. move the blood.  Then work my afternoon hours of my day job.  Then commute home.  Take care of Sofie’s needs and eat dinner, clean-up.  Then time for creativity .. an important part of decompressing and nourishment for my soul.  Pick up the sticks and add loops to projects, make something beautiful, soothe the tension from the day.   Maybe elaborate on a theme from the morning pages.  It’s a good plan.

Ok- so there it is.  Let’s see if this week of August 24th – whether I can make it work. Both of those sentences suggest the possibility of failure, but   I am hopeful and energized by this approach.  Stay tuned!

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