A visceral common thread

The opening up of one’s viewpoint often comes from just a few key moments of finding common ground.  This can occur through a shared experience with another soul, finding that one feels a similar response in that shared experience, a way towards feeling less alone in the world.  When I am in the midst of a truly great piece of fiction, I reflect on the main characters reactions and feelings throughout the illustrated circumstances of the moment and ask myself questions:  does this feel familiar?  what would i have done differently?  It amazes me sometimes when I encounter a developed character that resonates so much with me.  I want to know more about the author.  How did this author pull it off?   How is this author able to unfold the depth and real voice and feel of this character to such an extent that I feel a connection to this fictitious individual? 

These are important questions for me for it helps propel me into a deeper meditation on how to create characters for my own pieces that will offer a consort for my future readers.   Why does someone get hooked on a TV series?  Generally, it’s a deep appreciation and fondness for a character.   And this occurs because the character is believable, relatable, vulnerable- even vulnerable in cases of heroism.  

So what does this mean as I push forward to a daily pages and future authoriship goal?  It means that first and foremost the goal must be to introduce someone to an audience that will be worthy of people’s attention.. whether that is worthiness of respect, of care, of honor and even of humility.

Someone that others would want to know and whose friendship they would never want to lose.

Who is this person?  What is this person made of?   What are the person’s vulnerabilities?  What are her dreams?   Where is she on the journey- at what stage in her life?  Has she missed out on some things?   and if so- why?   What were her obstacles?   Are these obstacles firm or can they be moved?   Is it too late for some dreams?  And can her dreams be changed?   What are her strengths?  Her weaknesses?  What are some things that she stands firm on?  And what strong opinions over the years have found a way towards bending and adjusting?

Where does she live?

Who is her tribe?

Does she even have a tribe?

 May 11, 2015 

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